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can i register my phone online to metro


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Jan 3, 2013
i have a galaxy a21 on metro now and just got a Nokia x100 unlocked and on my google account but i need to get this on the metro pcs . so can i go to the metro website and install the phone while i'm on the website? or do i have to call metro and have them set it up? or take it to a metro store and pay them whatever to get the phone setup?
i have a free line thru metro now so i can transfer that sim over from the a21 to the nokia x100 phone. i also have a galaxy a51 but that is still locked to tracfone for another 6 months as i just go that. so if i do not care for the nokia then i know the a51 behaves like the a21 and will transfer that phone later. it will be nice if i can log onto the metro site and enter the new phone imei and then it will activate like tracfone allows. so does anyone know for sure? thanks
say now that i have the phone on the metro system, i took some photos a while ago and when i connected the nokia to the pc and opened the folder it did not show up so i had time finding the developers section maybe some can help me pin that into the apps section. but anyway i went into developers and the usb section and clicked the php becase it did not say photos. and then the nokia showed up in the folders section. i clicked nokia and the internal and then dcim and then camera and the photos started to show in the pictures folder but i can't see them until i click on one and then which opens the windows photo app just like it does when you click on a photo. but i need to be able to view them before that step. so what setting does the nokia need to show the photos pn my pc when i open the nokia camera folder on the phone?
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this is what i get you can see i'm on the phone's folders but i should be seeing the actual images! if i was to copy one of these to another folder on my pc it turns into an image. but i can't tell here. so there is a setting on the phone i have to turn on. unless it is because i have in the usb setting in the developer's section that is doing this. if so how do i get the phone to show up when i plug it into the pc. i do tons of photos and upload for helping others now i have to figure this out. thanks

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,i guess i do not understand it being a windows problem because all the other phones will show their phone photos when i plug them into the pc and open then using the folder icon in the taskbar, so i right clicked on the nokia name and i got a few options but none of then would show the photos as viewable photos. thanks
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