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Can I swap with my wifes phone this way?


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Oct 4, 2011
We are upgrading my wife's phone to the Maxx. But I will be taking the maxx and she will take my bionic.

So can I just change the Google email address on the bionic to her's and kept the installed apps, or do I need to reset the bionic before giving it to her?
Not really on topic...but a helpful hint that I thought may save you some trouble.

If you plan on keeping your old phone number...do not activate the 4G card (the Razr Maxx) until AFTER you talk to Verizon and get the numbers switched. The 4G cards "pair" with the number they are given once activated...and the number cannot be changed without a new card.

I learned that the hard way...had to make a trip to Verizon for a new sim card before I could switch back to "my" number.
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