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Can NFC Task launcher or Tasker turn OFF Vlingo SafeReader?


Android Enthusiast
Apr 22, 2010
Western PA
The NFC tag in my car dock does a few things:
- turns on VLingo SafeReader - which reads all new text messages
- turns on speakerphone
- turns off wifi
- turns up all volumes

When I pull my phone out of the dock, I suppose I need another NFC tag to return my phone to normal.

Exit NFC tag
- turns on wifi
- turns off speakerphone

So I got all of that set up and it works perfectly.

The only think I can't figure out is how to disable Vlingo SafeReader. I can use a widget on my main screen but I prefer not to use that - I'd like the tag to do it. So is there a way?

Should I be doing this all differently?


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