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Help Can receive email on my corporate account but cannot send


Mar 27, 2010
So i have a work account that is attached to a .org tag and I tried to find out how to send these emails by searching through different threads and now have completely messed it up to where I cant connect to my email at all.

Please someone help so i can receive AND send emails from my phone because it is really tough having to go back to a computer every time i want to send a new email.

PLease help ! Thank you!

--Before i changed my settings my
Incoming Port: 110
Outgoing Port: 25
Nothing checked on the boxes underneath
I had the same issue. I had to check verify cirts, and uncheck use secure connection. I had secure connection checked.

I did that and it came back with an error message that said i cant automatically set it up, I checked those boxes and it came back with an error message. Me and my boss are trying to set these up so if someone could let me know how to fix this soon that would be great.
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