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Help Can't access music files on PC from Android 7 Galaxy7 storage/emulated


Apr 17, 2010
I've been reading tons of posts on this problem but none solve my problem.

I have music on my Samsung Galaxy S7 that was sitting on my phone (rather that sdcard where the rest of my music is). I used ES Explorer to move the files to the sdcard. I remember seeing "moving to storage/emulated/0 when the files were moving.

I can still access the songs on my phone. I can tell that my sdcard has a lot of data on it. Again using ES, I can bring up the song when I look on the sdcard. From ES, I can't find a way to click "properties" to verify the path.

So now I plug in my phone via USB to my PC. I want to copy a bunch of songs from my phone card to my PC.

Using my PC, I search on the sdcard for the song. (Special EFX - Serenity, if you're interested!). I don't expect to find it there bc I think it is sitting in storage/emulated which I know is just a link. No, it's not found. So now I do a search on the hard drive for it. The song comes up -- it is in phone/amazonmp3. (I have started getting my music from Amazon Music.) I think, hooray, I finally got it.

Now when I want to copy it to my PC from my phone, I get the message, "The device is unreachable". I know that it is not a problem with the cable, because the phone and card are showing up in Windows Explorer on my PC. What gives?

Is this a file that the PC doesn't have access to? Is there anyway to "unlock" that without having to root? Am I looking in the right place?

I appreciate any help you can give. You could say, "Well just go to Amazon Music via the PC and listen to the music." That's fine, except that I have all my other music (before I started using Amazon for music) on a data drive and I want all my songs in the same place on my PC.



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