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Can't Dial or Receive Calls but Internet works


Nov 7, 2009
Tried to make a call today and it just sits at dialing and where it usually shows 1x icons its not there, just signal bars and gps icon.
I thought reset would fix it but no, tried calling my phone goes to voicemail.

So I backed up my data and used reset in the security settings.
Successfully made activation call to *228 and thought the problem is fixed, however when I tried placing call again it just sits at dialing screen for few seconds and ends the call.

Any ideas what to do before I go to Verizon store?
Replying to my own post...
I was kinda upset that Eris might have hardware issues, but it turned out to be tower problem.
On my way to the store to exchange the Eris I tried to make a call and it worked. I went back to the place that it wasn't working and it didn't work there, just 3G.
Today I tried to place a call at the same area and it works. I guess the problem is fixed by verizon.
I'm happy it wasn't phone's fault, gives me more confidence in the device.
I love Eris so far.
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