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Car Dock and Charger!!!

I went back to my local BB today and they finally had the Car Dock in stock and low and behold it even came with the rapid car charger!!! (Yall may have known this but that's new news to me) Have to say it works great and everyday I'm finding all these great new use's for this device and it is replacing so many others that I just "had" to have! :D Glad I held out on buying the car charger!
except they don't work. I got the cheapie from monoprice and it does not charge the droid enough to keep it on, let alone charge it when on.

I NEVER buy those cheap off brand chargers, I learned the hard way a few years ago with one. Plus 10.00 bucks for a Motorola Brand Rapid Charger is a deal IMO. I would have still bought my package at BB even IF I didn't have the gift card.
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