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Accessories Case/Cover

I am using the black silicone HTC skin. I love it. Granted, I like the phone better without it, but I am not at all bothered by it being on. When I got my Blackjack 3+ years ago, I got a silicone skin and I hated it. So I left it off and proceeded to drop my phone - over and over.

The second Tech21 makes this for the Hero, I'm getting it.

Mobile Phone Protection - Tech 21 - Impact Protection

Demo-video: YouTube - Tech21 iBand: Serious impact protection

I fully believe in the shock absorption benefits of the case, but I think throwing the phone down onto small rocks hurts their cause. Obviously a phone being thrown FACE DOWN onto little rocks, where the case doesnt even cover, will get scratched or broken. They should have stuck to FLAT surfaces.

I had my first phone drop a couple days ago, with the silicone on, and the phone landed face down on the concrete, and all was fine. I'm VERY glad I had the skin on.
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