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Help CDMA EvDo 'rev. 0'


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Nov 13, 2009
Lemoore, CA
Settings/About Phone/Network

My Hero 2.1 is still showing CDMA EvDo Rev. 0.

I wander what the all you conspiracy theorist will say about that? Mine is without/Google branding on the back cover.

So, I will conclude that this cannot be a software/firmware issue, and is actually a chip-set issue on the Hero circuit board. Any other ideas?
It's a well known issue and purportedly the EvDO is mis-represented. Supposedly you are getting the higher speed and just the phone reports it as the slower variant.

No conspiracy... but I believe that to be hogwash! I have used SPEEDTEST over and over and can confirm I do not, have not EVER broken into the EvDO Rev.A bandwidth/speeds.

Anyway, just my $.02

Happy Trails!
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I see the same thing with my non w/google branded unit. I put this question in the fresh rom forum on xda and this was flipz response

You need to run an actual RUU to fix this as it requires it actually write to a chip. I have no clue if this fix occurs in any of the 2.x RUU leaks but it was definitely fixed in the 1.56 RUU that came out months and months ago.
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