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Help cell signal, hotspot proximity to computer dilemma

I use my G4 as a hotspot. I need to have the phone near an whole house signal booster to get the optimum signal. The booster is about 20 feet from my computer.

When I put the phone near the booster, my signal per my computer is weak (3 or 4 baars). If I put the phone near my computer the signal per my computer is strong (5 bars).

I realize that 20 feet should not degrade the signal from the hotspot but it seems to.

Would a wifi extender or booster near my computer help if my hotspot is 20 feet away.
I don't see why not, but I've no personal experience with an extender so can't say for sure.

3 or 4 bars shouldn't have much impact on data transmission anyway so I'm not sure why you'd need one? Is your PC having issues connecting?

My G4 worked fine as a hot spot in the hallway whilst I used the laptop in the bedroom (a good 15 feet and through a wall).
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