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CellID Showing Tower where my house is?


Mar 8, 2021
When I go to the CellID map of cell tower locations, I did not in the past, but now see it showing several cell towers in my town where other cell tower maps only show 2. Also, it shows a LTE tower DIRECTLY where my house sits. I do not have a tower anywhere on my property or near. I don't even have internet service connected at my house. It is always there when I check the map. Why would this be?
I assume you're referring to OpenCellID. www.opencellid.org
That uses community sourced information, and is NOT official location data from the carrier networks AFAIK. So very likely it's just wrong about there been an LTE tower at your house. If you want to correct their information, go here. https://community.opencellid.org/
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