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CEO of Deutsche Telekom and CEO of T-Mobile to Meet for New USA Strategy


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Apr 12, 2008
Facts have been faced: T-Mobile has been the nation’s number four carrier for a long time now, and the situation doesn’t look to be improving. Deutsche Telekom – T-Mobile’s parent company based out in Germany – knows this, and their CEO is looking to meet with T-Mobile USA’s CEO sometime next week (when, where, and [...]

I think that we've all been made painfully aware that Tmo has to revamp. The question is...how? Humm announced that his idea is to (paraphrasing) become a low-end focused carrier. That announcement and their "non" showing at CES was abysmally disappointing. Since this announcement that the DT CEO cometh arrives on the heels of the CES performance, I only hope that this means that DT is doing damage control.
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