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Cheap car or AC chargers causing wonky touchscreen


Sep 9, 2011
Hi guys,

Two days ago, I connected my Samsung Gio to a cheap no-brand car charger. This charger used to work fine with my older iPhone 3G. When I disconnected it an hour later, the touch screen acted weird. It wouldn't respond to my tapping, or it would register the tap but think I tapped somewhere else.

This disappeared with a reboot, which was quite hard to do (because pressing the poweroff asks for a confirmation on... the touchscreen!).

I thought it was a one-off issue, but the same thing happened when I charged the Gio with another cheap no-brand AC charger.

Since then, I've only charged the Gio with either the official AC adapter or via my laptop and the problem hasn't appeared anymore.

Anyone else experienced this?
The only important thing to look out for when looking for a charger is to make sure that the voltage and current supplied by the charger is similar to that required for the phone. Lower current is fine (5-20%) but higher is not preferable. With voltage you can err on about 5% on either side. Lower current will simply charge it slower.
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