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Root Chevy's Froyo SS 4.2 [6/25/2010]


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Nov 27, 2009



What's New - This is an update.zip format 2.2 FROYO ROM FRF57

First off, back to running the LV kernel in the stock ROM - a few too many struggled with the ULV kernels. However, for those that know you can run them - links will be down below :)

apps2sd - natively supported in FROYO, and guaranteed to work in my ROM :) A handy script can be used to turn on off:

a2sd [on/off/auto] - run with no options, shows current setting (default is 'auto').

Example, to send all future installs from the market to sd and not internal, type 'a2sd on'. You will also see that the option to 'move to sdcard' is available on all other apps currently installed to internal memory

Wired Tethering is also natively supported in Froyo and works just great on this ROM :) As a matter of fact, this ROM was uploaded while USB-tethered. It is faster than my home connection. Find it in Settings -> Networks. And of course, as usual, seamless support of Wifi Tethering is also there.

Much work has been put into CSM and BKAPPS/RSTAPPS. Read up on it :) These are some of the best features to be found in Simply Stunning! Also note in the download links below, is a link for bkapps.zip - this is for you folks coming from another ROM and want to try mine, and for whatever reason have to wipe. Install that zip and you can use bkapps in your old ROM to backup; then flash my ROM, and run rstapps. Noteable changes for 4.2 is that both bkapps/rstapps are now 'apps2sd' aware - meaning that if you run bkapps and some of your apps are stored on SD - when you rstapps, they will restore back to SD :)

YouTube Widget has been themed to match the rest of the ROM

Launcher base has been made transparent to match the rest of the ROM

TUN is built into the kernel. NFS/CIFS/EXT2/EXT3/EXT4 are supplied as modules. They can also be loaded/unloaded via command line scripts:

ext2 - repeated calls load/unload
ext3 - Ditto
ext4 - Ditto
cifs - Ditto
nfs - Ditto

A script to make any other file executable:

exe <filename>

Directory listing, showing most recent files last:


Reboot scripts:

rb - reboot
rbr - reboot recovery

In case some other install alters such that you get 'Designed for Simply Stunning ROMS Only', run this script:


Hide/Delete Twitter:


Hide/Delete Visual Voicemail:


Ad Blocker:


1. The kernel is now 2.6.32 - no Tempmon support YET (thanks to P3Droid for wifi module)
2. Busybox updated - now 1.16.1
3. Camera/Video click is once again silenced by default
4. Helix Launchers are NOT currently supported

5. Many new scripts. All of my mv* scripts are dual purpose, they can both rename (the default) or delete. Renaming hides it in your app list, but you can get it back later. When you delete, it's gone. Here they are:

mvac - Alarm Clock
mvcamclick - Camera Click
mvch - Car Home
mvclock - Alarm Clock
mvdroid - Droid Sound
mvdt - Dev Tools
mvem - Email
mvfb - Facebook
mvgg - Google Goggles
mvgt - Google Talk
mvgv - Google Voice
mvmaps - Google Maps
mvmp3 - Amazon MP3
mvsp - Spare Parts
mvtb - Titanium Backup Free

For example, to rename/hide Google Goggles:


Run the same command again and it will magically re-appear

If you know you'll never want to use it and just want it gone, just append -d to the command:

mvgg -d

Also these three scripts:

mtop [seconds] - top command (shows top cpu processes), sleeping [seconds] between loops. Default is 3 seconds
psp [seconds] - Persistent ps command, sleeping [seconds] between loops. Default is 3 seconds
klauncher - kill/restart all running launchers (useful after a restore where you want to see refreshed desktop icons)

Also included is a script to change the pulldown and lockscreen text from 'Simply Stunning v4.0' back to 'Verizon Wireless'. This is to support quick compatibility with any apps that need to see Verizon:

fixpd (Change to Verizon Wireless)
fixpd ss (Change back to default SS text)

What's Existing

1. All busybox commands properly linked
2. Kernels now includes CIFS as external modules
3. Now included is the Wifi-Tether app pre13
4. Titanium Backup Free is now included - (THANKS to Joel (dev))
5. New bootanimation (THANKS to Liquidzgrl) - you won't see it if you don't remove any existing bootanimation by wiping or deleting manually
6. All PNG's optimized and apk's zipaligned
7. New battery icons designed by me
8. 'Normal/Reduced' Haptic feedback compared to previous versions

To Wipe Or Not To Wipe

Unless you are coming from another Froyo ROM FRF57, either a previous of mine, or another dev's, you should wipe. However, have no fear. bkapps/rstapps are here :) It takes me 28 seconds to back up ALL of my data, including 45 applications. And it takes 2.5 minutes to restore all of that into a brand new wiped ROM :)

Simply Stunning v4.2 - FROYO - All Links - ALSO AVAILABLE ON ROM MANAGER

If the kernel is a problem, you will get stuck on the 'M' while booting up. This build comes with the 1.0Ghz low voltage kernel. If you need to try something else, usually UP in voltage selection is going to help your case, not down. Not a hard and fast rule, but you get my drift. If you want, choose another kernel from the 'kernels' directory in the link above.



What's Inside the Box:

-Overclocked Kernel with seven slots allows clocking of 250-1000 MHz in mixed steps (credit to ChevyNo1)
- The base 1.0G kernel has NO voltage increase over stock
- These kernels ALSO include the STOCK 550Mhz slot, and the kernels DEFAULT to that speed, until you use an app like SetCPU.

-HQ YouTube Default Tweak (credit to xeudoxus)
-HQ Video Recording Tweak (credit to Fede)
-Version Information In Settings > About Phone
-Disabled OTA Updates
-*Battery Saver* Wifi Scans Increased to 30 seconds
-Version Information In Settings > About Phone
-SuperUser App
-Flash Image

-Added commands sysrw/sysro for mounting /system read/write or readonly. Also note that sysro remounts read only AND performs the sync for you

-Added new Linux commands that I sorely missed:


Cleaned/linked the following commands which unnecessarily eat up 10MB of /system:



-Smoked Glass Blue (credit to AdamZ modified by me)
-Added custom status bar icons (credit to blake2050@droidforums)
-Progress bars changed to match blue theme
-Clear push-icons on desktop (credit to ReverendYo - skinned from Alldroid community ROM)
-White Clock (credit to Ohsaka)

Recommended Apps:

SetCPU - not included as it is a paid Market app

Android Terminal - while this ROM comes with DevTools which has a terminal, it has a finer font that for some reason will not adjust. This terminal I've suggested looks pretty much the same but you can change the fonts to your liking.


-HelixLaunchers not supported.

-Sometimes the auto-brightness does not work if your phone has just rebooted. Simply pressing the power button twice will fix it.


This is an overclock ROM, therefore if you're not careful, you'll do damage. I am not responsible for any such damage, you use this of your own free will.

Enjoy, and feedback is always welcome - bugs included

Surprised I didn't see this already.

Source: Froyo SS 4.2 [6/25/2010] - EXT2/EXT3/EXT4/CIFS/NFS - Updated rstapps!!! - Droid Forum - Verizon Droid & the Motorola Droid Forum


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