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chomp sms

I agree, I think it's really good, however in my conversation list I only get a blank image instead of my contacts' picture! All my contacts have their facebook pictures normally so I can't understand why this is happening...any ideas?

Ha it's OK I just went into the market and got the latest update and it now is showing my contacts' pictures!
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Just a quick Hint if you plan on using an alternative sms app {Chomp sms , Handcent etc} is to disable notifications on the Default one:

If you go to the Default sms app -> Press Menu -> Settings -> You can disable Notifications and Vibrate by Un-ticking the Boxes hence you will not have that Icon appear by the Default sms app :)

**your default sms app is the one that came with the hero as standard click that. If vibrate is already ticked , Please Un-tick Vibrate first then Notifications. {Thanks to Oxomcfc the OP for this tip} ;)
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handcent is essentially the samething as chompsms but there are more features to it like [[sms popup, delivery reports, alerts you when you are on the phone, alerts if you have a message and you didn't check it in a certain amount of time then it will alert you again, etc..]] i used it and i thought it was an awesome app but i'm currently using chomp. they're are both really great apps. i'm sure which ever you pick will be good.
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