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Clearwire: Houston and surrounding Cities


May 23, 2010
Hello everyone - I am a clear sales rep and already using the 4g network.
If anyone in the houston area, Katy, humble, sugarland, pearland, etc have any question in regards to Clear / Clearwire
let me know and I will try my best to answer you.

If your intrested in purchasing it, do let me know as well.
I am willing to drive to YOU and do a free demostration of the product.

actually let me restart and tell you what I am able to do for those who are intrested.

Free product demostration (Home Modem and/or Mobile card) at your location
Potential same day shipping - depending on location, if not, next day
Waive shipping cost - approx $12
Possible Activation cost waived $35 (this is a limited time offer until our Manager says no more)

you will also have a 14 days NO RISK trial period. Full refund back - If you do not like the services, within 14 call CS and let them know.**

** - I am uncertain if the must recieve the product within 14 days or not, so it is wise to do it within 10days to avoid any BS. We are all humans you know.


Personal Experience with the 4g network.

At my old roommate home in Katy, Tx - with 3 signal strength we were going at 9-10mb dl (home modem)

at my apt with a mobile card - 5mb down yet closer to the tower but alot of trees

at my gf place - 3-4mb but she doesnt have service avial yet through the system. (mobile card)

At a few of my previous customer, it has ranged on 3-5 avg on 2signal str and up to 8-9 with 3 or 4signal str. (home modem)

I have yet to see a 5 signal strength - so your miles may vary.
Thus I am willing to come out to your location and check on the signal strength

If intrested, we can set an appointment - Clear / Clearwire is my secondary job though - so I am busy from Mon-Sat 6am to 3pm minimum - I work all over Houston. And your location as well. If I am unable to drive to you due to distance, I can try and find someone who is closer to you.
Not sure - I know when my friend was driving from downtown to Mason Rd (Katy) on I-10 - I had no internet interruption.

Most of the Towers are near all major highways and interstate, so I would assume there shouldn't be any problems.

The only issue I currently know about but I havent seen it in person is in regards of unstable signal.
Specifically when you have a 3 signal strength and a 4.. it keeps bouncing back and forth. Thus not being true SOLID signal. The reports I have read is lag spike. All of this info is from what I have read online.

But it wouldnt suprise me, it makes sense, until Clearwire completes putting up all the towers - I would expect sume burps here and there.
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Clear.com 4G/WiMax Coverage Map

Very nice Google Maps layer showing coverage details. (Just zoom in to Houston)

Of great interest to me is that since I last checked the map about 2 weeks ago, my location has gone from no coverage at all to "Best Coverage". Looking over the map, it seems like a good bit more of Houston has been filled in overall. I'm looking forward to testing the EVO hotspot functionality :) Both at home (backup internet) and at client locations (sometimes the ONLY internet :) )
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Well Zanthexter - if the Evo 4g speed is great at your location and your looking to upgrade your cable or dsl; let me know!

Installation demo for modem takes 1 minute, plug to the wall and wait for signal.
Air card takes few minutes, since you have to install a driver for it to read.
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Man, that's depressing. My house is in the middle of a gap in coverage, deep enough in our neighborhood that I doubt I'll get 4G anytime soon at my house. If the dark green areas are pretty much where the towers are, I'm far enough in that the only place that would make sense to add a tower would be right on top of my house. My Sprint coverage is the same way, once I go inside my house the signal disappears. Good thing I have an Airrave and Wifi.
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Well Bai there might be a solution, but this isnt approved by clear though.
Nor have I tried it with the clear aircard.

have you heard of the term: Wokfi???
it works, done it with a regular wifi dongle.
I would assume it should work with a wimax dongle. Just google DYI wokfi, there are all sorts of way to make it work.
Regardless, check every week, Clearwire is still putting up more towers in Houston. Currently I know we have approx 700 towers up and running and more to come.
Just wait for the Evo to see how it is!
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Well Zanthexter - if the Evo 4g speed is great at your location and your looking to upgrade your cable or dsl; let me know!

Grin, not a chance :) I work largely from home, and regularly (legitimately :) ) download multi-gigabyte files.

I get 22Mb down, 2.5Mb up from Comcast. I call them regularly and offer kidney's, my first born child, and the PIN code to my bank account if they would PLEEEAAAASSEEE get me DOCSIS 3.0. (50Mb/10Mb, potentially higher.)

I'm seriously considering using the EVO Hot spot ability to replace my backup AT&T internet connection. Depends on actual tested speeds once I get the phone in here.

One thought I did have, and maybe you can answer this. Could an EVO be put on the Clear laptop plan? The idea would be to use it like a ClearSpot, but with the additional PDA (and VOIP) functions the phone could provide.
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Zan - nice job with the comcast speed. How much are you paying and how did you manage to get that speed?

As far as clea laptop plan, shrugs IDK. I just started with clearwire about 2-3 weeks ago, I don't know what you are speaking of. If you can link me some info so I can figure it out. I would assume if you are talking about turning your evo into a hotspot? That would be a teethering. I know the clearspot turns into a small hotspot and everyone within range will recieve 4g speed.

Hookem - I am an entry level person from Houston. I dont know the market in Austin. I don't think it should go out due to hills. I dont see how hills can cause signal problems. Basically do you have any troubles with any phone providers as far as recieving signals to make phone calls? to use their 3g network?
If yes, than there is a chance that you will have issue with 4g.

The only known issues I have experience that gives problem are trees. Lots of trees. 2 places occured for me where the trees were suspects:

westpark dr and rampart.. Tower is about 3 blocks away and im between westpark toll road & hwy 59 + alot of trees on the other side. and inside of the comple.

the 2nd location was Kirby and Univeristy Blvd.
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I highly doubt its thr equip, so maybe the boss!
truthfully - its prolly the equipment being undecisive to connect to the 3g or 4g. Therefor it bounces back n forth and not staying stable.
if ur signal isnt stable, you will recieve a worst service. Have him switch equipment just in case, but I would wait a few weeks to see if it has improved.
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BE SURE to let the EVO users know that there is a major problem with Clearwire 4G and the HTC EVO in the Houston area. I have been working with Sprint Tech Support for about 3 weeks on this.
When I was in the Sprint Co. store at the first of last week, the Manager told me that they had a Memo come down informing them that Clearwire has a problem with 4G in Houston and is working to fix it.
I started with throughput on 4G 3 weeks ago of about 700 kb/sec.
Now, it's between 2-3 MB/s with 2-4 bars. Even on 4 bars, the 3G isn't far behind the 4G. I get 3G of 1.5-2.5 MB/sec. And NO, it wasn't a problem with the phone as it was the same on 3 different EVO's that I bought. I also traveled in about a 10 mile radius with the same results.
It will be nice if Clearwire can get up around 6 MB/sec on 4 bars. The MOST I've seen is 3, but hardly ever.
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