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Connect home Wi-Fi router to mobile hotspot?


Apr 30, 2015
Hey all, is it possible to connect a home Wi-Fi router to a mobile hotspot? I'm trying to determine if I can get rid of my lSP internet service by connecting my home router to my phone's mobile hotspot, thereby connecting devices on my home network to the Internet through my phone's mobile hotspot.

I currently have an ea6900 and Samsung s6 edge, looking at the samsung s21 ultra for my next Phone. I've got no issue upgrading my router if required to make this happen.

Should be possible.
Either by setting up your router as a repeater to your phone's WiFi (if the devices of your home network are all wireless) or setting it up as a WiFi-bridge (if you want to connect devices via ethernet to the router). Most modern routers have these capabilities.
If yours doesn't (if you can't find it in the settings, maybe consult the manual), you might be able to flash an alternate firmware, like DD-WRT, which provides these capabilities (check the DD-WRT database to see if your router is supported: https://dd-wrt.com/support/router-database/ )
If you decide to flash a different firmware, be sure to read up on the process, so you understand what you're doing.
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