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Connection issues with PC and Droid

I've having issues syncing my Droid to my PC which is an HP. I've downloaded the drivers from Motorola and the Motorola Media Link software. The Droid recognizes that it is connected to the computer and charges. If I try to transfer pictures over the computer tells me to insert a disc into the F drive. Is there something that I am missing here?

I should add something:
Motorola Media Link software recognizes the phone as a A855 but then tells me that it can not connect because either the SD card is not in the phone or not mounted correctly. I have no issue with the card on my phone or memory.
I was having the same issue. here is a post which might solve your issue. It worked for me on my Windows 7 computer. but I'm still having an issue with my Windows Vista computer. My computer doesn't recognize the device and I'm not getting a USB Connection Notification on the X either. I'm going to try reinstalling Moto Connect to see if that fixes the issue.

Here's how to fix the Android 2.2 Froyo Droid X-PC driver problem - Computerworld Blogs
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