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Help Constantly syncing and draining battery


Dec 12, 2009
For the past 6 hours or so, my Droid seems to always have the sync symbol in the notification bar, even when the phone is idle. If I turn off syncing from the power bar widget then it shortly disappears and everything is fine, with the exception of having to have sync turned off.

I have the 2.0.1 update and have had it for 2 days with no trouble at all until now. From what the battery usage chart shows me in Settings -> About it would seem that my calendar is getting the most juice. That makes me think it's the calendar although it's set to sync every 30 minutes and the problem continues even after I kill the calendar with a task killer. Any ideas would be very much appreciated. Thanks all!
FIXED: Another Droid user was having a similar problem with his Email client and the fix was to go to Settings -> Applications -> Manage Applications and change the filter to "All". In this case, scroll down to Calendar and Calendar Storage, open each and select "Clear Data". Launch the calendar and give it a minute or so to sync back up and everything works fine! Same fix for the email problem and, I'd wager, a number of other sync issues with various apps.
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