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Contact icon not showing!


Nov 30, 2009
Hi i have a small problem to which i couldn't find a solution on the web or this forum: i cannot set a contact icon (picture). I know the steps:
- Edit contact
- Menu - Add icon
- Select picture
- Crop and Save
- the chosen photo now appears in the top left rectangle instead of the android logo
- Menu -> Done

the second i hit Done and return to the contact view, or contact list, the photo dissapears and is replaced by the default grey logo.

I have cupcake on my G1, and have not rooted or otherwise modified it.
I don't want to sync any contacts with my google account, as i have a lot of people in gmail that do not have phone numbers and vice versa.

I just want to have photos for the people i manually add in my contact list.

Can anyone help? Thanks

PS. I've read somewhere that the contact needs to have a gmail address in order to display the picture, but i've tried contacts with and without gmail and no change.


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