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Crusade Of Destiny - 3D RPG for Android!


May 19, 2010
Crusade Of Destiny is the first ever true full scale 3D RPG for Android!
A lot of people where asking when it comes out so I wanted to post an official thread for it. It comes out tommorrow, May 24 :D




Actual gameplay video on Nexus One:
YouTube - Crusade Of Destiny 3D RPG Android Game Preview on Google Nexus One also for Droid and HTC
YouTube - Crusade Of Destiny first ever 3D RPG for Android Game on Google Phone Nexus One
I have heard that it is about 15-20 hours, but you need to do a lot of grinding to level up (although must less than when it was originally released for the iphone) in order to move to the next area. Grinding isn't so bad in a MMO where you have people to chat with, but in a single player game it could get old fast.

I found this very rough guide for levels 1-24 with spoilers. Apparantly there is a map that you can buy in the game which helps.
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