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Help Data drops (no 3/4g) after coming off of Wi-Fi


Oct 31, 2012

In the past 10 days, something really odd has happened with my S5 which it's never done previously; if my phone is connected to Wi-Fi everything is good. If i then go out of range of the W-Fi, it no longer connects to any dind of mobile data. I get GSM coverage so can still make calls/send and recieve texts but there is no data. To fix the problem, I just restart the phone and 3/4g (or whatever I have around me) suddently comes back to life. This happens regardless of the Wi-Fi I'm connected to or where I am physically located. I've had a good search around and not found others with this problem.

My phone is connected to o2 in the UK. It's running Lollipop and isn't rooted.

Does anyone have any ideas what's going on?


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By way of an update, the Passpoint thing made no difference and the problem remains the same. If I move away from a WiFi signal that I'm connected to I don't get any 3G or 4g data unless I restart the phone or turn airplane mode off then on. Quite seriously irritated by this now....


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i have found a fix, turn off wifi calling option.
Go to settings,call,then scroll to the bottom and untick WI-FI calling option. i done it and havent had a problem since.

I just spotted this and excitedly went in to uncheck my Wi-Fi calling option but found it wasn't checked in the first place. So still having to turn airplane mode on and off to get a 3G or 4g signal after using Wi-Fi.

Anyone else have any suggestions?


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