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Dear devs: how about turn-based RPGs?


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Feb 4, 2010
Android marketplace is slowly but surely receiving its share of excellent games.

But you know, I've never found gaming on my N1 very pleasant. FPS? The controls are horrid. Gameloft 3D offerings? Nice, but the pathing sucks and controls are cumbersome. It's just the nature of the beast--a device with just a big touchscreen are always going to be like this, and no, it's not because of the multi-touch problem. It's just awkward. There's no feedback to pressing virtual buttons. And FPS are... no. If I want to play those, I'll do it on a big screen. With a mouse.

What I'd rather have are 2D games with great art direction. Caligo Chaser fits the bill but, again, suffers from awkward controls and real-time combat. How about a game like it but turn-based? If you're not familiar with turn-based, think... the original Fallouts. Final Fantasy even, if you must. King's Bounty: The Legend. Your party and the enemy take turns. Combat is slower-paced but, what the hell, your controls are going to be shitty anyway and it's best if you have forever to select your attacks instead of having to mash those silly virtual buttons, sometimes to no effect.
The only problem is that if your game ROMs are from Nintendo, you are playing the game illegally even if you own the game (I had an exchange with them that did not end up too well when they published that policy about Gamecube games and claimed that it applied to all of their games.)

If you don't care about pirating stuff, that's on you but if you're not into that, emulators are a little less of an option.
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