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Help Delivery Reports for Text Messages


Android Expert
Apr 11, 2010
Hi folks,

I'm curious on this one. On my old Voyager I was able to get delivery reports with a check mark in my sent items folder, so I knew if my tm went through.

Today I was told that someone was not getting my texts, which was a problem on there end, since I was able to send and receive to others without issue.

So I was curious, and found a setting in the stock messaging app to enable delivery reports. It works, however it just displays a little envelope with a green exclamation point in it.

This is cool and all, however I get that same icon for both successful deliveries and to ones that show up as "Pending" when I view the report.

So I was wondering if this is normal for Android phones, or if there is an app I can use to get a better icon/report for delivered texts.

Thanks in advance.
I've used Handcent for a awhile and I've never ever seen a check mark anywhere? or an option for?

The website says in a recent update that this feature was added:

Handcent sms Version 2.9.28
10 Jan 2010

  • Speed up application loading
  • New sms delivery icons and will change dynamically by it's deliver status COOL!
  • Add new feature that can display when the people received your sms for android phones COOL!
  • High resoultion icon for Droid, Nexus one
  • Support download Mms manually when wifi open COOL!
  • Min fixs and improvments
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