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Desire battery during standby / Juice Defender


May 17, 2010
I have just gotten my Desire, that means I've had it for 4-5 days now. Because of this the battery is maybe not as good as it will get a little later, but I still have a question because this problem seems big.

I tried going to sleep with the battery at a 100% and the phone on standby the whole night. About 9 hours later the battery has fallen to 59%, that seems like an awful lot. I went to bed around 12 and got up at about 9. According to JuicePlotter the battery starting drastically declining at 3 AM and steadily until i got up and put in on charger.

When I look at the battery and what it's gone to it says:
36% mobile standby, 34% telephone inactive and 30% Wi-Fi. When jeg press mobile standby, the biggest power eater, it says "battery used by mobile radio". What does that mean?

I had, and have, Juice Defender lite (can't get the paid version), and set it to the standard, where it disables APN for 14 minutes, leaves it on for 1, etc. Does it also turn of Wifi in this standard? If not how can I get the paid version?

The function in Juice Defender called "traffic" turns off APN, according to the mentioned schedule, whether I'm receiving data or not. Is this a good idea to have on?

What can I do to counter the problem overall?
Install Spare Parts from the market and look in the 'Battery history' section. In that section, choose 'Partial wake usage' to see what has been keeping your phone awake/active.
I have heard that Juicedefender actually increases battery usage for some people, so that may be the culprit if nothing obvious shows up through Spare Parts.
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I tried juice defender but did not get on with it at all, I'd recommend you drop it.

As above, it sounds like an awake time issue, if spare parts says awake time is 100% then it is likely that you have an app that is not letting the phone sleep.

If you confirm it is awake time have a search on here about the calendar keeping the phone awake, if it is something else let us know.
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Thanks for the replies. According to JuicePlotter, something happened at 3 AM that began to drain my battery.

I've gotten Spare Parts and will have a look at what it says tomorrow morning when I try this again.

I will look at the "Partial wake usage", does that tell me the "awake time" or do I need to look elsewhere for that?
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