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Desk Clock Application.

So I'm loving 2.1, but... Well, when I started up the desk clock application, I excepted to see some links to media and stuff, like on the Droid. Was I just assuming that was going to be there instead of JUST a clock, or am I missing something?

the 2.1 image isnt fully complete....so i hope they add those links. but after all that app is rather pointless :D
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If you can't download the stuff from HTC extra or whatever, here are the things that are on there, courtesy of XDA:

nexus one / sense ui 2.1 launcher
flan(eclair) gallery 2.1 w/ multi-touch
launcher 2.1
music app 2.1
clock app 2.1

Here is a link to the WeatherGenie from Nexus 1. GenieWidget.apk

Did you just make the same post about 3 times? I swear I just this in another thread
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