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Root Did i just brick my phone?????


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Feb 19, 2011
Manchester, NH
i was at the last step of installing icarus and it said the phone will reboot twice after i hit reboot so the screen goes to the huawei logo flashes blue and goes to huawei again for 2 seconds and back to the clockworkmod recovery screen the options were listed as usiual like a ****** i hit reboot again was i wrong to do that????????? its now ben on the huawei screen for 10 mins what should i do??????????????
I got it I restored an old back up and after a calming down and thinking it over I realised I hadnt put Icarus on my sd card so it wouldnt work I hear you can free up alot of memory by putting dilvx cache on the sd card I went thru the steps using a termanal emulator the command I entered made alot of things happen alot of scroling but the words I could see were negitave im not sure it worked how will I know if its working properly
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