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Root Did I just burn out my battery?

Ok so last night I was playing around with my incredible, and I installed a rom. It went into bootloop, but I fell asleep while it was booting up (it was plugged in next to my bed). I woke up, like, 5 hours later, put it into recovery and loaded up my backup, and my phone was pretty warm. I put it into my pocket and went out. I didn't really use my phone today but since it was a backup, I turned wifi on in the morning. My work doesn't have wifi so that might of hurt the battery a little bit, but it's at 19% and my phone is still warm, and this is after making 3 calls, a couple messages, and browsing the web on (connected) wifi a little bit. Is my phone's battery ruined? It is definitely warmer than usual, but the charge might be because the phone was having a seizure while charging. What should I do?


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