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Did you get the 50GB Dropbox with your S3?

Let me start off by saying that in no way I am trying to "manipulate" the system but I have encountered the following problem.

I signed up for Dropbox with my Gmail and after a few hours I have received an automated reply from Dropbox thanking me for supercharging my Samsung device with Dropbox and steps to claim my 48GB + 2 GB free = 50GB bonus.

I have another email (Hotmail) I use mainly for work and online shopping and have used it to sign up for Dropbox from my S3 this morning. I did not receive an email yet from Dropbox to claim my 48GB bonus which brings me to my next question - is the offer valid ONLY for a one-time only sign-up or what? Some concrete proof would be nice in order to verify this. Thanks.
So how do you get the free 50 gb?

Buy the phone and then create or link your Dropbox account to it and it magically appears... I bought a HTC One X and go 20GB and then thought the phone was actually rubbish so exchanged it for the S3 and got another 50Gb so currently have just over 75Gb in my account for the next 2 years!!

Picture proof....

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I was able to get that extra storage but it says that it will expire in 2 years -

We've awarded you 48 GB of bonus space for the next 24 months!

Samsung + Dropbox Samsung promotion (expires 7/25/2014) 48 GB

Wonder what happens to my data once those 24 months are up

Not sure what will happen to data then, but by then, the way online storage is going, 50 GB will probably be standard free.
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