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Difference between Leaked 2.1 and Offical 2.1


Apr 29, 2010
I know that i have read this here somewhere before but hes my question.

i want to say that the leaked version of 2.1 was around 100 megabytes and Earlier today i received the offical OTA 2.1 from Verizon and it was only clocked in at 77 megabytes.

Talking to my stepdad, he was very interested in how one version can be different in size but "be the same".

I know theres another forums around here stating the two are the same (checksums and file details) but whats taking up that extra 30 megabytes on the leaked version?
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i saw your previous posts about you checking each file located here


My step dad was more interested in the question than i was, but he was just wondering about the file difference and if someone could "injected" code before "leaking" it.

(i just told him he was crazy) but makes your wonder.

Basically what the difference in size is:

The leak actually wiped your phone clean completely (Verizon didnt want this to happen so that stopped the leak from actually being the actual OTA at the time). So by wiping the phone completely, the leak had to reinstall ALL files. Operating System files and all.

The actual OTA was the leak but with the fix so your phone would not be wiped clean. So by not wiping the phone completely, the OTA was just the files that upgraded it to 2.1 and the extra options we got. The main operating files stayed on the phone so they werent needed to be included in the OTA.
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