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Root Does anyone know how to change the 4G icon on the indulge ?...please read


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Sep 6, 2011
i was on youtube looking at a video and some guy had a nexus one for t-mobile. now the nexus one is a 3g phone but he change his 3g icon to the letter H. i guess the H was for t-mobile HSPA+ network. he changed it to make it seem like the nexus one was running 4G speeds but all he did was change the 3g icon to the letter H.....i wounder if anybody know how to change to the 4g icon on the indulge to make it a bit bigger or change it to something like the htc thunderbolt 4g icon ?
I'm still stumped by that one. It would appear samsung's 4g icons for the indulge are not in the same place or do not carry the same name as in their other phones. 1X, 3G, I can change those just fine. All current attempts to change 4g have not worked out for me.
If this changes, we'll let you know I'm sure.
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ooooo ok....i wish samsung hurry up wit gingerbread.....and its crazy how some of theses other new phones that are coming on gets gingerbread updates kinda fast...and these new phone dont even be out that long...like the htc thunderbolt got gingerbread after a month when it came out thats bs

The problem isn't samsung it is solely on metro not wanting to update until they can figure out how to further ruin our android experience
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Well said.
And the sad part is, we can't easily update it ourselves because of Touchwiz integration. :(
same with Sense devices needing to wait for an update from HTC, when the Stock android phones can be updated as soon as Google releases a new version.
and in case anyone was still wondering, I did change those 4g icons and am willing to guide anyone through the process should they want to do the same.
Of course, installing Blutiful will automatically give you my updated 4g icons. ;)
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Thanks k0! I was thinking proprietary drivers too but only wrote Touchwiz.
although to be fair I only thought "radio" drivers, but now that you mention it, GPS and Graphics make sense as well, lol! Thanks for the info! What would I be without you!
Still, it's annoying that Samsung would not just release the complete source, seeing as they are using Android... way to be ungrateful!
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