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Droid Incredible Receives New Packaging

Stupid verizon and the whole droid thing... I refuse to call the Incredible the droid Incredible .. it just sounds stupid. I disagree it is a HTC gimmick that whole droid marketing BS is verizons nonsense.

Exactly. It's clear from the phone and its original packaging that HTC only intended for the phone to be called the "Incredible", not the "Droid Incredible". This whole Droid thing was a late push by some VZW marketing person, and only now have they managed to adjust the packaging to catch up.
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lol, its an HTC plain and simple. I think the "droid" marketing is stupid and thrown on at the last second to get more sales

It's the Verizon/Lucasarts effort to force some homogeneity into the Android platform. So instead of everything having completely different names (and thus seeming as totally separate entities), VZW is putting "Droid" at the front of every Android device. Makes them seem like all part of the same family, y'know?

And for the record, my Inc came with a free 2GB card as it was.
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