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Droid Life: Verizon Will Allow You to Activate the Moto X Pure Edition

You know how users initially reported all sorts of issues activating the Nexus 7 (2013) LTE and the Nexus 6 on Verizon shortly after they each launched, even though each device was technically fully capable of attaching to Verizon’s network? That whole situation stemmed from Verizon not having certified those devices at the time of the attempted activations. Since they weren’t certified, and likely not in Verizon’s systems, they couldn’t be activated, thus creating the issues. We walked you through all sorts of work-arounds, but it was still a problem. With the Moto X Pure Edition and its fully unlocked self arriving on doorsteps of many this week, we reached out to Verizon to see if customers would run into similar issues.

According to Verizon, “customers who purchase the Moto X Pure Edition from Motorola will be able to activate it fine on our network.” You heard it here first – the Moto X Pure Edition shouldn’t have any issues being activated on Verizon’s network. If you are activating a new line with Verizon or signing-up for new service, you should be able to head into a Verizon store and have your brand new Moto X Pure Edition activated like any other phone.

Now, if you already have Verizon service and a nano SIM, all of this doesn’t really matter to you. With an active line and compatible nano SIM, you can just swap the SIM from your current phone into the new Moto X Pure Edition and move about your day.

We should have our Moto X Pure Edition tomorrow and will be sure to test as many networks as possible, including Verizon’s. While we are running through that process, be sure to let us know if you run into any issues.

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