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Droid related decals....

blue rocket

Android Enthusiast
Dec 6, 2009
Here are some new Droid related decals that I have available...





GrafiXpressions - Express yourself in vinyl form!...

hope you like them!

Don't forget, we also offer the droid screen back decals too! http://androidforums.com/motorola-droid/24439-customize-back-your-moto-droids-screen.html
I seemed to have recieved the wrong order, I ordered the droid screen back overlay (it is suppose to cover the whole back of the screen correct?) and I got something that is too big height wise, and too small length wise, also I got a cutout of the shocker (if you dont know what this is, dont ask me) I really dont need that laying around my house, I am a family man with two young kids who dosent need to explain that to his kids.
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^ we send freebie decals with every order, if you don't want it by all means throw it away!

As for the screen back overlay, you got the right item i'm sure, we only have one size. The transparent film (Transfer Tape) adhered to it is used for installation only.

Take a look at our installation instructions to get an idea (you do not need to use water to install on the Droid): http://grafixpressions.com/vinyl_install_inc.shtml

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I'll throw this in this thread too... our newest product!


I wanted to share a new product designed specifically for the Motorola Droid. These "Colorlays" as we're calling them are vinyl overlays meant to alter the appearance of your phone while helping protect your phone from minor abuse. The overlays are very simple to install and remove (if you choose to) so you will not damage your phone in any way. These are also great for concealing some minor scratches you may have on the back of your Droid!

Overlays are shown in "Red" with a similar look to the HTC Incredible, you can choose any color that we offer to truly make your Droid unique!

The other great part of these is that you can layer other overlays with other decals we offer, as shown below (android robot battery door cover (shown in Gunmetal).

Our plans are to expand this product line to other Android devices down the road, so if you own something other than the Droid, keep checking back!

FYI - these products will be available for purchase later this afternoon and will be available from GrafiXpressions - Express yourself in vinyl form!...

While you wait...check out some of the hundreds of unique vinyl designs we offer, any order of $20 ships free, to anywhere in the world!

Hope you like them!






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