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DroidTiles NFC Tags for Android - Free shipping! SALE on NTAG203 tags

dr g

Android Enthusiast
Jun 7, 2010
Hi folks, just launched a site for Android-themed NFC tags. Check it out.


Stickers. Blanks available too.



Androidforums members can use the coupon code PHAN5OFF for a 5% discount!

DroidTiles.com, NFC tags for Android and mobile devices
I have a limited number of blemish tags available, if anyone wants. Very minor imperfections, either a slight depression, delamination, miscut or wrinkle. Should not affect the function of the tags:

Droidtiles.com NFC tags - NTAG203 (blemish) - Qty 10
- $7 shipped to US - These have some cutting and wrinkling issues with the sticker backing but the stickers themselves appear to be fine. Regular price $11.25

Droidtiles.com stealth black NFC tags - Mifare 1k (blemish) - Qty 12 - $9 shipped to US - About half of these have small cosmetic marks less than 1mm in size, which probably could be nearly invisible if colored over with a black pen. Regular price about $14.

PM me about these

EDIT 4/17/13 prices lowered
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