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Drop box (application)


Apr 20, 2010
Thought this would be very useful once we get our hands on the EVO!!

Creates a folder on your home computer that synchronizes with the web (Free Online Secure Storage). You can access this folder from any computer in your home, your SmartPhone or from any computer. You can even share any contents of the folder. Pretty cool!
You start out with 2G free storage.
Click the referral link below and receive an extra 250M of storage.
No prob.....Glad I could help. I'm surprised more people aren't jumping on this. The other day one of my friends wanted me to give him a copy of some study material. Normally I could have had to burn it to a disk and give it to him physically. I just dropped and dragged it to the Drop Box folder and gave him the link and he downloaded it. Pretty cool!
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I C. I haven't experienced that yet. I've been putting data in the Drop Box that I need in the cloud at that time. I'm constantly swapping out files as I need access to them. I guess if your using this for a semi-permanent storage solution you can run into this.

Good point. It's best used for transient files.

OK, I got some cleanin' to do.
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lol Damn, I almost fell off my chair when I read that. lol


Yeah, it really was a violation of basic internet policy! No, but to be honest some could have said I was spamming my even posting the referral. In all actuality, we should spread the wealth. I don't mind at all. Free Internet storage for all I say, free internet storage for all!
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