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Dual-band/Tri-band/Flashing question...

I was going to buy a droid x and have it flashed over to cricket, as i already have their service and was looking to upgrade my phone. but i have just learned that (on another forum) the droid x is a dual-band phone and therefore will not work on crickets tri-band coverage. is it possible to flash a droid x to cricket with everything working even with the "band" differences? i have seen the droid x flashed over to cricket on other internet sites (youtube) with everything working, i am confused...
Droid X will flash to cricket completely fine. I've played with an X on cricket and everything seemed to be perfectly fine

what city were you in? i know it will flash fine, but will it fully work everywhere? im in chicago, the cricket website specifically states that you need a tri-band phone for things to work. actually in all major cities its the same way with them. the X is dual-band phone. will i be spending money on something that wont work properly?
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