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duplicate facebook contacts in people app


Nov 26, 2009

Had the g2 touch / hero for a few days now and love it but today I have a problem with contacts being duplicated in the people app.

All of my contacts are stored in gmail and there are no dupes but today all of my contacts with a facebook profile are showing twice.

Also, and I don't know if this is related, the people app no longer shows any albums for facebook contacts although they are there if I access them through the albums app.

Any idea what I can do to clear this up?


Nobody else had this?

In the end I had to export my gmail contacts (to back them up), delete all contacts and sync the phone, import my contacts back to gmail and sync the phone again.

Cleared the dupes - well for a couple of days at least until they all came back.

There are no dupes in the gmail contacts so it definately seems like a problem with the people app somewhere.
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I have the same problem with my Hero duplicating several facebook contacts - so I'd love an answer! I also had a problem with it duplicating my gmail contacts - which i realized was bc I had them actually duplicated in gmail. I fixed the problem in gmail by merging the dupes, but how to do I get my phone to update itself and erase the gmail dupes?
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