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Dust or No Dust?

Do you have a dust issue?

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I am hoping the results of this survey over the next few days will put some relativity to the whole dust issue. Is it a huge problem, or a lingering issue to be placed with other defects? This would quantify if the dust issues are really just a defect in some models. It would also justify those models being replaced under the provision that they are defective and not the norm!
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dust - both in my first "w/o google"

and now in my "with google" (but i kept my "google-less" batt cover! heh!)

first phone had it real bad - upper-right hand corner and lower-left -- a lot of dust - very easy to see

and now the replacement phone has developed a small amount in the upper-LH corner

: ((

it seems like the dust comes on really quick.. then no further increase

i was watching for dust all along w/ my first phone - then suddenly i saw it --- same with this phone
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