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edit icons on home screen

newbie with sg3 - how do i remove icon on home screen (chaton), and substitute another icon of my choice - I'm on 3 in UK

Tap and hold it then drag it to the "trash can". This only gets rid of the icon (think of it like a shortcut in a Windows desktop if it helps) off your home screen. To add an app go to your app drawer (the 4x4 icon bottom right) tap on this and select your app or tap widget to select a widget and drag and drop this by tapping and holding while swiping the screen to your desired position.
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Just to add a semi-related tip, not only can you change individual icons on your Home screen, or any other screen, but you can also customize your screens.
-- Using two fingers just tap and squeeze inwards, a grid with miniature representations of your screens will come up.
-- Your Home screen will have a little blue 'up arrow' icon next to it and all your other screens will have grey ones. You can tap on any of those grey icons to toggle it blue and that will make that screen your new Home screen.
-- You can also tap and drag each screen icon to a different position on the grid, and that will change the order in which each screen shows up when you swipe left or right.
-- The default number of screens in Touchwiz is seven. If you don't have a lot of apps installed you might not want all seven screens as one or more of them might not be necessary. You can drag each of those screen icons to the Trash Can at the bottom and that will remove that screen. Later if you want to add a screen back, tap the + icon and an empty screen icon will show up on the grid.
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thanks guys for pointers - i've got another issue - i was playing around with the security settings, and thought it might be a good idea to set a password, but now regret it - such a chore typing complicated stuff every time the screen blanks off - how do i remove it ?

Go into lock screen settings and set it to swipe, it will ask for your password one last time for permission to change it.
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