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Eris is going back to the store.


Android Enthusiast
Nov 23, 2009
McLeansville, North Carolina
It has done nothing but act completely stupid for the past 2 days.
Yesterday it decides it's going to delete EVERY icon off my home screen. I had that particular scene saved, so I LOADED the scene again and there wasn't a single damn icon on the screen.
So today I go to scenes in the settings, and I SAVE the current scene, then I back out, it deletes them all again.
It's going right the hell back and I'm returning it for another one. If I do not get another one then I'll go with a damn Storm 2. At least it won't act as stupid.
I actually had this happen to me as well. Was very frustrating and never figured out what happened. I ended up arranging everything the way I like, saving it, then changing just a couple of icons, and saving it again under a different name. So if it happens again i can at least hopefully go back and restore one of the two. Thankfully it hasn't happened since, but I would love to know if someone figures out a particular cause to this.
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