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Help Evo 4G: Too Hot to handle....


Jul 25, 2010
well i know ive seen threads about the evo restarting randomly but i believe its and issue with the phone overheating. my phone gets really hot sometimes (mostly when im having a textathon or whathaveyou) and it starts the power cycling issue and i have to take the batt out and let it cool down before i can use it again. ive called sprint and (apparently) they arent aware of this issue. now its gotten to the point where i just stick it in the frigde just so it can work normally. i know this baby has a 1ghz cpu but im sure htc has thought about this thing going volcano while they were testing this phone! i havent rooted the phone or done anything special to it either. i just want to know if anybody has had this problem and if there is anything i can do to make it go away thanks for an and all info
i think your phone has issue..
texting .. should not get your phone to over heat.

i tether for hours... and that is putting a lot of pressure on it..
it heats up.. but keeps on going.
I tether to watch netflix movies....

get your phone replaced.. or do a hard reset.
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