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Help Evo Froyo 2.2 update causing Sense slowdown


Aug 5, 2010
Hi all,

I recently updated through the OTA update to Froyo 2.2 on a stock EVO 4g (not rooted or messed with at all). When I finished the update, I sent a couple apps to my SD card (like Where was one, forgot the rest, maybe Flikie wallpapers). After that, the SD card was somehow permanently corrupted, I couldn't even format it on the phone or through a card reader on a PC. Anyway, then I started noticing extreme slowdowns on my phone's Sense interface (even today after putting in a new card). For example, when I try to type a text message, I put like a few letters from the person's name and it takes a good 30 seconds to show the results as opposed to instantly. Also, when a call comes in, the number shows up for a few seconds until it recognizes the contact, etc. Could it be because without a working SD card, things were put on the phone and now the phone is full (even though now I have a new card in there)? Or does anyone know why else this could be and maybe offer a solution? Thanks, greatly appreciate any guidance.

PS: I did read the Froyo fix thread and am hoping to avoid a factory restet since I've had bad experience with those in the past, primarily on my HTC Hero. Also, the SD card issue above makes it seem like this isn't the standard factory reset fix (although it may be). Any advice other than a fac reset would be appreciated.
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Hi, thanks for the advice. I did go through resetting the phone and it seems most of my problems are fixed. I did notice one new issue. My battery discharges on Froyo 2.2 (before and after the factory reset) so quick. Even with syncing turned off and the screen backlight at 0 this morning, I lost 15% in less than 15 minutes and it's just going. Any idea if there is a list of problematic programs for Froyo that could be causing this? I avoided the programs listed in the guide linked above. These are the programs I have, let me know if any stand out as trouble makers:

Gem Miner: Dig Deeper, Kindle, VizBattery, DailyFinance, Engadget, Funny Jokes, Toss It: Pro, Blow Up, Flight Director, What the Doodle, LightUp, Millionaire, HomerunBattle3D, mIQ, Tower Bloxx, eBay, ScoreCenter, Facebook, 3d Gallery, Flikiee Wallpapers HD, Math Tricks Lite, Diner Dash 2, Finance, Google Voice, Maps, Goggles, DiskUsage, AppsOrganizer, NFL Mobile, IMDb, Mobile Banking, Traffic Jam, .PodKast., tetronimo, Astro file manager, Mint.com, NewsRob, Nimbuzz, Pandora, MyBackupPro, Traffic Rush, SugarSync, Shazam, Agpeya, Synaxarium, Bible, Skyfire, Stitcher, Congress, ThrottleCopter, Astrid Tasks, Twitter, Network, Adblock Plus, Dolphin Browser HD, ActionPotato, Zedge, Jewels, Sky Force Reloaded, Gmail Unread Count, Spades.

Sorry for the long list, but do any stand out as potential Froyo problems? Thanks!
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