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Evo overtakes iphone in popuality poll

Exciting for the EVO, but it's a pretty misleading poll... Comparing an unreleased/unannounced iPhone "4g" with the Incredible, and the still unreleased to the masses Evo 4g. The poll seems to just measure anticipation hype.

That being said, I'm definitely WAY more excited about the EVO than anything else. :)
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of hearing anything about the iphone...its a stupid phone. Was cool when it first came out but to do anything cool you need to have a jailbroken one..and even with that its very meh for me.....everyone has one its just a very pop or 'thing to have'....certainly not the best phone..nor close...shoot it wasnt even when it came out prob.
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One other thing I just noticed and wanted to add is that this poll only has 1300 votes total...Not exactly a broad consensus of people and easily skewed.

Don't get me wrong, I feel like I have been counting down the minutes until the EVO gets here, but the poll is relatively meaningless...
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