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Exchange and Outllok


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Nov 16, 2009
Hi everyone im new here and just had a question. Sorry if this has been asked before but I searched and couldnt find it. I wanted to set up my hero to get my mail from work and calender ect. We use outlook. The question I have is whats the difference between active exchange sync and just setting up outlook like you would set up yahoo, gmail ect... Sorry if this is a dumb question but I just never had to use exchange before so im very unfamiliar with it. What I have been doing is just syncing my phone via usb with my home outlook.
If you are using outlook against an Exchange server than outlook is irrelevant, the server is the key. Much like how gmail syncs with the phone so can exchange except it isn't a "push", it syncs on a time schedule you setup. There should be an exchange active sync app, sometimes called Work Email depending on your device and ROM. You set that up much like you would outlook. You might need to ask the server admin for the specs but if the server is setup for "Outlook Anywhere" then the droid phone will work and be in sync.
I tried the HTC sync app and removed it after the first time I used it. Sync against the server, much better.
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