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Export Itunes library/playlist to Galaxy 7/8

After having setup my new S8 I tackled the task of getting all my itunes music and playlists across. I decided to go with Doubletwist but found this very problematic. I made several attempts and followed the "how too" but with mixed results.

Basically it just refused to replicate my library and especially the playlists. If I had eg 150 blues songs in an Itunes playlist it would only send a portion to Doulbetwist on my phone. After uninstalling the app on my phone plus the associated media info file, I retried, failed and gave up. I must make the point here that it's important to erase every trace of Doubletwist on your phone. There are good tutorials around to help you but it's very simple.

Finally I created a simple workaround which doesn't require Doubletwist Sync to be installed on my Windows 10 PC.

So here's the step by step solution.

1 Install Doubletwist app on your phone (it must be a CLEAN install).

2 Open Itunes and select all songs.

3 Connect your phone to your PC and using windows File Explorer, navigate to the Music folder on your phone.

4 Copy/paste your Itunes music into the phone's already system created Music folder. (If you can't copy/paste direct like I couldn't, copy into a temp folder on your Windows desktop, then copy from there into the phone's Music folder.

Now here's the important bit.

5 Create another temp folder on your desktop and call it say M3U playlists

6 Click/highlight your first Itunes playlist on the left side of Itunes window

7 Click File at the top then come down to Library and choose Export Playlist

8 In the Save To window select your M3U folder and Save as type M3U

9 Repeat this process for as many playlists as you want.

10 Now open up your temp M3U folder and copy/paste them into the same Music folder on your phone that you put your Itunes music in.

11 Lastly fire up your Doubletwist app and give it a minute to sort itself out, you'll then see ALL your music and ALL your Itunes playlists.

Worked for me, hope it works for you.


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