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Facebook contact ?


Nov 23, 2009
I've searched every droid forum out there to no avail....but i have synced all of my contacts with their facebook pictures...but one contact i accidentally deleted his facebook contact from my phone. The problem is i tried to resync to get it back and it didnt work. So i defriended him, resynced. Added him back as a friend and resync and it still won't add his facebook contact back (so i can join it to his regular phone contact like all the others)...i'm out of options. Anyone help?

Also i reinstalled the newest handcent and it STILL won't use everyone's facebook pictures eventhough my phone has them all correct. Just does random ones.
Now i did not delete a contact. However i couldnt get 3 of my Facebook contacts to pull the Facebook information. What i had to do was:

(I dont know if it matters but i had the sync setting on for Facebook at the time, your doing a forced sync so it may not need to be)

-Open the Facebook app.
-From the home screen (the one with friends, photos, posts...) click menu.
-Click setting.
-Open sync contacts tab.
-Click on "remove facebook data".
After i did that i closed out facebook and checked my contacts. All facebook info was gone.
-Now go back into Facebook app and reselect "sync with existing contacts".
And like magic all my contacts had pulled the correct facebook info. Give that a shot because it was driving me nuts.
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