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Dec 2, 2009
When I originally bought my phone I syned allll the facebook contacts and deleted the ppl that I don't usually talk to on the phone that synced through fb. Now I'm having an issue locating and syncing those ppl! Like my dad for example I deleted his when it sync@ed up bc it wouldn't let me add his number so I made contact under the same name as what's on his fb profile...why won't it sync back up? I want his picture and stuff like everyone elses! Grrr! So frustrating! Any ideas? I've tried to sync and join and edit his profile....
Yeah I cant really figure out what the deal is. It worked when I first synced everything but now it won't. I'm thinking about just deleting my FB account and then readding it but it gives me a scary message when I try like "ARE YOU SURRRRRRRRRE?!" and I chicken out or reset my phone which I def DO NOT want to do.
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You just have to link it to the facebook contact. I sync my google/gmail contacts with my phone on a regular basis and in the beginning I did a one-time Facebook sync against my contacts. I configured the FB sync to import all my FB contacts.

After the FB sync, only a handful of my phone contacts matched facebook (because I use nicknames for phone contacts, not their names).

So what I had to do, and this is what I think you need to do, is link the duplicates to eachother to create a single contact for each person.

For example if I have a friend in contacts called G-money and his FB name is Greg Money, then I would go into my phone contacts, select G-Money, Click edit to edit his profile, then while in the edit screen, press the menu button on the phone to get the context menu. In that menu you'll see a "join" button that will let you select a second contact to join/merge with this one - select Greg Money.
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Aah, I have had that before too - adding a contact but not seeing it in the contacts list. But if you do a search through the main menu search bar you can find it that way.

Try pulling up your dad's contact by search, then get into the edit screen, then try joining it to his FB contact which DOES show up in contacts...
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