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Failed photo / video transfers - Galaxy Note to Lenovo Carbon X1 Laptop


Jul 31, 2017

I have a Samsung Galaxy Note (the first version of the Note series of phone that appeared in the market years ago). I tried transferring photos and videos, using Blue Tooth, from this phone to my Laptop (LENOVO Carbon X1) running on Windows 10. The transfer failed despite the fact that my laptop as well as my phone both show that the "Pairing" by Blue Tooth has been achieved.

I also tried transferring the same from my phone to the laptop connecting my phone directly to the laptop using the phone's power charger cord but the laptop gives me a message saying that it does not recognize the device i.e. the phone.

Please help / advise since I need to urgently download all these photos / videos from my phone urgently to free up space on my phone as it's performance has deteriorated / become slow.

Thanks in advance :)


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