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Help Farking help,I'm about to smash my phone into the wall!

So here goes...

Had the LG Motion since it was on sale with $50 instant & $50 mail in rebate,been loving it too,that is untill the last week or so!

Problem 1) Everytime I type something other than in google search,after typing the first word and pressing the space bar,that first word gets automatically repasted.So I highlight the repasted word and delete,then type the second word...second word will repaste once hitting the space bar.If I keep that repasted first word rather than deleting it,if I misspell a word I can backspace and nothing gets messed up,but if I delete the repasted word and then misspell the next word and go to hit backspace,it adds letters or screws up that word.

Problem 2) Lately photobucket won't work.Everytime I go to upload a photo from my phone,after choosing the image I get an "action not possible due to low memory".I have plenty of memory on my photobucket account,have nearly 3 gigs of internal phone memory left,and 2 gigs of external sd card memory left...what the hell?!

Problem 3) There's always more used ram than free ram or about equal.Apps I stop autostart 20 seconds to a minute later!Like Google Music Player (why so many music players on the phone,I prefer Rocket Player)!

Can anyone farking help me?!
I have not been able to reproduce these issues.

1.) Are you certain you are not holding down any other buttons? There is a bug going around the keyboards, perhaps you might want to invest in the default, or an aftermarket, from the Google Play store.

2.) Photobucket application went through an update, I have also, not been able to replicate it, even though my photos on the service are around the 1 GB size, the phone's internal storage, as well as the SD card storage, are far than exceeding the required amounts.

3.) I would recommend removal of all Music Players and stick to one you will be using. I'm actually using the ES File Browser's player, while I wait for VLC to come out in a more 'stable' condition, or someone recommends me a different one for the LG MS770.

4.) I completely agree with your quote on Metro. Except we're more explicit on our end and other users around me, even my own mother and father, constantly stay MetroPiece*of*Shit.

But that's Metro, you get what you pay for. I'm actually 'satisfied', at the same time, 'dissatisfied' with NOT the Service on my phone, but with their insufferable, dense, incompetent, holier-than-thou imbeciles of support who plague their stores, dealers and corporate, and over the phone. I see more people who I almost wonder if they were hired for their looks and voice, instead of their knowledge. (Your typical young teenage female with something that stands out)

Phone and Service =

Support =

I would sooner stick my arm inside a hornet's nest, than willingly engage these people in conversation for anything other than ringing up my transaction, which is already a bad enough excuse to step into any Metro Store. I am glad we have the Metro Web Store and Amazon's Metro outlet as an option.

Then we have these series of commercials, that give me the feel of less shame, by being with Metro. (I hardly call my service PCS, I always say Metro, it...sounds 'cool'.)

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wa9rx-XEiUM (I think there are some missing, no, a lot of them are. His channel has more.)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5pUiMPTQoHg (I like how one of them goes from Scientist, to Mad Scientist, to Android.)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=udlQ7SH_RtM (I have friends who I spoke to them in this way, who pay $600 at one point for their monthly service.

We all have ends to meet.
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